Deceased Information And Marker Information (Lapida)

Please take note that all information provided will be affixed to the marker. Changes of details will apply charges.

Length x Width x Height
Contracting Party

Kindy read the following regarding burial

INTERMENT - burial ceremony for lots.

INURNMENT - burial ceremony for columbarium.

EXHUMATION - unearthing buried human remains for any number of reasons

(Take note: once exhumed, deceased cannot be interred on the same location)

1) Scheduling must be 3 days prior of burial date

2) Online Burial scheduling - MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS only

3) Responses received beyond 6PM and DURING WEEKENDS / HOLIDAYS will be attended the next working day.

4) Once responses received, FULL SETTLEMENT should be done within the day.

5) NO BURIAL PERMIT NO ENTRY, If cannot provide burial permit, alternative remedy - BURIAL BOND (refundable upon submission of pending documents).


I hereby agree to the terms and conditions and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of all personal information I have provided hereunder for the purpose of Golden Haven services rendered and all other documents related hereto.